Monday, April 12, 2010

lovely blog...

How I've missed you!
I took Friday off to finish the Lion cake
only for it to not work out after 6 hrs of attempting
I resorted to plan B.
They loved it.
me... eh.
the perfectionist in me
wanted that RKT sculpture
(rice krispy treat)
to work out...
for ONCE!

Saturday, i woke to finish the cake that I had lost
my motivation on completing the day before.
Delivered to happy customers.
Came home and slept for 2 hours.
L-A-Z-Y bug hit me.

I did manage to go out which I totally regret.
Seeing as how i hardly get out anymore
and have basically stopped drinking
even wine
(for some who know me I can hear you *gapsing* right now!)
I wasnt really in the mood for it and
I shoulda just listened to my inner self.
Got to the club (which I thouht was a lounge because I dont care for the clubs much)
only to wait in the freezing pre rain storm night for an hour...
get in and pay 10 bucks a drink
trying to play it safe i drank only 2
and still....
left completely intoxicated
getting worse by the minute second
til I got home and passed out.

and that brings me to sunday
I slept til 9 but had a heacache
so I continued to sleep til noon.
got up and went to I-Hop
(Kids loved me for that)
came home and plopped on the couch
and my niece came over.
I slept, on and off..
finally got up to eat to give me energy

and yesssss... what else but
Rice Krispy Treats!


Bad energy! BAD BAD energy!
ofcourse after my sugar high, me my niece and my youngest Dru
sat and watched Shrek2/3 and Astro Boy.

til I had to drop her home...

then, ate Chinese.

Swore as I fell asleep,
I would make up for this lazy weekend.

Today was better, at work with a salad! lol

Oh well, we all deserve a bummy weekend!

X's and O's

(so I was going to post pics but ill have to update later its taking forever to send from my phone :/  )


Meghan said...

Lots of good food, red wine, and napping - sounds like an awesome weekend to me!

shin said...

well..minus the headache..glad u had a solid weekend =)