Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fast Forward

is my life the past two days. I have been going non stop with work, work and cake planning. I have come accross a few small businesses online or FB and have gotten a few more ideas on how to get my business going. I also feel like I'm going no where because I cant seem to find the time to really dedicate myself to either go to school or look into what it will take to make a small business run.

I do want this... right?

I am second guessing self alot as I fail more at these cakes... wishing I could go to school or learn some way.
Enhance my skills and knowledge. Oh and also have the funds to do this all... another back fall in my plan.

I did get alot accomplished today even though my boss was barking down my neck (having a visual of my boss's body with a pit pull head and long blonde hair barking words! hehe! )

(it says "when we'll wee tell this S.O.B. (son of boss) he is getting to big for his britches!")

Amusement to get me through the last 10 minutes of the work day!

Dreading the taxes im going to have to do tonight... dont mind procrastinating on these babies! :)

I've decided to take on another cake this month.. actually this week. Crazy? yup, I know.

I finally downloaded the pics from my weekend, rather random but Ill post em in a separate post. Complete the total randomness of it all!

Well my lovely readers...until we blog again!

X's & O's


Maki said...

I know it can overwhelmed you at times, but I know you're such a talented baker.. Your creation is amazing - so keep making those cakes!!! I'm cheering on!


Amanda said...

Cakes & Bosses & Taxes, oh my!!

Meghan said...

You are one busy lady, but you can do it!!!

Jasara said...

Thanks Ladies!!! Words of encouragementand support keep me pushing onward!