Tuesday, April 20, 2010

so what.. I know its Tuesday

Monday Minute

Yeah, I know but I didnt find this link til today and I'm quite annoyed here at work so to get my mind off the crappy day of work, I'm entertaining myself with this :)

Oh and Im following his blog too.. good read.. follow suit.

Without further ado.... oh and special thanks to Tami aka RN Mama (whos blog 29 and holding... I follow and highly recommend cos she's the real deal!)who also follows Ian and his blog The Daily Dose of Reality

1 - Ever take a shit in the woods?

um im sure i did.... every year me and my family went camping in Yosemite or Sequoia National, ofcourse, we had a lovely port-o-potty...

2 - If you won $1,000, what's the first thing you would do with it besides give me a cut?

of all the things I could would and should do, i'd split it with my mom's since she is loosing her job in 40 days. and use the rest to pay off my bills.

3 - What's your favorite phrase?

It is what it is.

4 - Fill in the blank - the world would be a better place if ______ left the planet.


5 - How do you take your coffee or tea?

Just like me... Sweet and about my color!

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shin said...

green tea ftw =)