Friday, April 2, 2010

end of the day...

...and here i go rushing another blog entry in! lol
Today was kind of a blah day.. rain and cold. meatball parm heros.
But its Friday! Yeeeee!!!!!
Last night I was invited to my brothers church to see an easter play.
And I must say, out of all the plays i have seen related to the religious reason for Easter,
this was amazing.
Now I dont attend church or force religion, I am spiritual and have my own relationship with my God.. my Higher Power, Most High etc and in no way shape or form push any type of religious beliefs on anyone. Guess that was my disclaimer! lol
I do not judge and dont believe its in anyones right to. So i respect everyone for who they are and what they believe because I dont have to believe it or like it or live it.
ok enuf of that.
My easter is supposed to be wet, rainy and cold. I dont remember an easter ever being such, so im hoping the sun creeps out and says Hello World! Its Easter, time for babies and bunnies and colorful eggs and jelly beans and the best.. chocolate! YUM!
I gave up coffee for Lent (again not because of my religious beliefs but more to challenge self spiritually :) hehe) like how i put that!?
anyway, I have not had coffee for 38 days... Sunday, I will have a big Ol cup O Joe with my breakfast!
mmmmmm, maybe then Ill be able to focus?! lol
Anyway, Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and A Great Weekend!
X's & O's

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Meghan said...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!