Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Right this moment...

Im exhausted. Drained. Food would help but work has been crazy busy and I havent found the time to stop and eat. My 30 min lunch I napped. Power naps are good. It helped but 90 more minutes would have been awesome. :)

I got a lot done today. A lot of stuff I'd rather not address. Tax papers to mail out that the stupid Turbo-Tax wouldnt let me file. Printed out rental apps for the two properities Im looking to move into. Met my quota for work before noon thanks to a difficult anesthesia case I had scheduled that the OR messed up. Blogged a bit with a morning post.

Now... I can attack the things to do this evening... like how I have to redo this baby bath cake because I found that what I have is too small :( not thrilled to realize that at 1am two nights before its due. Start on my Alice in Wonderland pieces, as I'm already 5 days late in starting them. But I turned down the Thomas the Train cake so I can dedicate my Wednesday - Saturday on this cake. Hopefully I'll figure out a design I like since I'm not thrilled about the topsy turvy any more :/

Just took a break... YUM Fruit Salad!!! and pretzels which ima save
half of my bag to go with my new found love...

Now that I have some energy... time to rock and roll
or Shake and Bake Ricky Bobby!

X's & O's

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Meghan said...

I hope you get lots of rest soon!!! Can't wait to see the cakes!