Monday, April 5, 2010

Rain, Rain go away

Come again in Winter, OK? Little Jasara wants the sun to stay, Rain, Rain , go away!

I think it worked! The sun crept through the many rain clouds this afternoon. I cant believe the crappy weather we are having here in Cali. While NY has shorts and tee weather, we are still in rain boots and umbrellas :(

But, the weather forecast for the rest of the week is rainless. Cloudy days and mid to high 60's. I can live with that for now. Even tho they predict rain next Monday and Tuesday... how much longer til may??????

Today has been a blah day. Seven people called out or were off today.

that's half the staff in my department.
Know what that means?

No side work at work.
I'm slacking too.

On so much.

Where is my mind!!!???!?!?!?

I STILL need to sketch this Lion of Zion cake out due Saturday.
Though my brain along with a great idea from a friend
has formulated a creation in my mind
i have still , yet, to sketch it.

I need to decide on school.
I have gotten email after
email after
email from the 3 schools
Ive visited, applied or sought interest in
and have no response for them.
I feel like i am in decision abyss
floating aimlessly amongst the thoughts
in my mind and the schools and alternate
options I've thought of
just watching them circle around the air
just as i....

am i crazy?

ahhhh, avoidance.
that's it.
1 task at a time.
and even though I don't want to think about this either
I must re look at my taxes
and see if i really owe
THAT much...
Yes, I'm ready for April to be over and done with.

I also failed to mention,
the fundraiser cake I was asked to do
canceled the day it was due.
everything was complete but the hand drawing I was going to put on it
and the script I was going to write on it..
here's a few pics of the semi finished cake...

Oh well, at least my co-workers and neighbors got to enjoy it! and the staff at PAMF! lol

.... on to the next
X's and O's


Meghan said...

That cake looks incredible!!! So glad someone was able to enjoy it. And good luck with the school decision - go with your gut!!!

Jasara said...

thanks Meghan! Very true, my gut is in Chicago! lol :) Have a great day!