Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog break

I basically hibernated from the world for 3 days and took a breather for one. I worked on my nieces cake for 3 days basically. Disappointingly failed Friday. I took off because I thought my youngest had pink eye... only to pay $20 to be told he has allergies. Then I ran around to the store, picking up kids, finally getting home and spent hours trying to make an alice doll out of fondant only for it to fail tragically. Motivation and excitement for the cake. Gone.

I didn’t start the cake until 7pm Saturday night, after sleeping in, taking my sweet time getting ready, looking at a possible rental that totally sucked! I hate false advertisement! going to the store (i seem to live in grocery stores and Michaels) then getting home and chillin' before attacking the cakes.
Well, I shoulda known, BIG mistake. I didn’t start baking .. yes BAKING 8 layers of cake until 7 that evening. I decided at 430am I should prob get a lil rest, get up at 8 and knock the cake out before 2 only to wake at 930 and realize the party started at 1. mad rush. mad hatter. lol it was maddening!

Sooooooo i totally sucked and cut corners on the cake, didn’t finish until 4. luckily people always seem to fashionably show up late for a birthday so technically i was an hour and a half late :)
but they loved it, niece loved it. i thought know it could have been better. But alas, i'm my own worst critic.

Monday, just another work day but i was so ... um.. relieved.. free.. light... because for once in a long time, i didn’t have to go home and bake, decorate, plan, sketch, basically work! I didn’t know what to do with self! lol
so i took the day and evening to just do nothing. I didn’t even cook dinner! well, fried up some lumpia ( I love Filipino food!!) and showered, laid out and did ... NOTHING!

but i missed my blog! **blog kisses** muah! missed it so! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I'll be posting cake pics in my next post (making up for not posting! :D )

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Meghan said...

Oh wow! Your schedule is making me tired just by reading it! Hopefully you get some rest in the near future! Can't wait to see pics!