Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

This weekend was a hectic but lovely weekend! I got my cake done very late friday and delivered it 45 min away at midnight in the heart of San Francisco ( i miss my city sometimes even tho im not that far, I grew up in Frisco!)

I had my niece stay the night as well and she had a blast with Dru. My lil nephew came by too but slept the entire time he was there! My niece crashed too tho!

Anissa my niece

her brother Jaden :)
sleeping beauties!

Made it to church Sunday which was nice and refreshing. Cooked a big breakfast (wish I took pics but the boys devoured it before I could grab my phone!) pancakes, grits, bacon, eggs and swedish pancakes (my fav! Grandmas recipe!) then grilled some ribs and started the baby cake.

(my pool pics arent downloading :( ill try to post them later!)

Just a few pics from the weekend! Today another manic monday... but what else are mondays?!?!

OH and i got my wi-fi! finally!!!!!! no excuse now to not blog at home , its just such a busy week with all the cakes I have due!!!

X's and O's

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