Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Something we must do...
When we are down, worn out, frustrated, depressed, over worked
and just plain tired...
one should rejuvinate.
In some way or another.

Is mental.
After feeling not so great about
where I want to be
and where Im going
and why Im not there...

I woke with the intentions of making today
a GREAT day :)

And thus it has been.

Along with my bloggettes supporting me
and a few online and at home friends
I am out of my slump.


I confirmed the drum cake. I have 2 days to complete it!
Lemon cake...
Debating on the filling/frosting...
any suggestions?
I thought about the tripple lemon
cream cheese lemon
I'll be baking it tonight.
Let you know what I decided!

Gotta Go Gotta Go!!
 X's and O's

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