Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A holiday for I...

and for all the mamas around! Mothers day is rolling around and tho I usually dont do any big celebrations as I prefer the more simpler things in life like , home made cards and gifts, breakfast in bed cooked by my oldest, kisses and cuddles with my boys, a sunshine day to recieve all the warmth and love...

I think this Mothers day, I wana be a lil more adventureous! A weekend full of fun and exciting and new things!

So here is my list of Mothers day wants :

1. An early morning (possible sunrise) hike in the Coyote Hills.

2. Then ride up to San Francisco a.k.a. The City a.k.a Frisco to Cafe Gratitude
and enjoy a Yo Soy Bonita and indulge in a I AM ETERNALLY SWEET.
click here for menu descriptions!

3.Take a ride down Highway 1 and enjoy the coastal scenery ...

on my way to Monterey to the aquarium =)

Spend the Day with the fishies and eating at a restaruant on Canneryrow.

4. Watch the sunset on the Beach

before driving home to relax after a full day!

Now this is just my Mothers Day Wish List of to do's, but Im determined to
make it happen and enjoy it to the fullest!

X's and O's

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