Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today ended up being a day of randomness for me. Work started quite busy since we were short staffed, but before lunch it went to a dead crawl... i have resorted to tweeting and FB status updating random posts!

I've also cut my finger pretty deep somehow and have no clue how I did it! but it hurts like heck!!!

!! OUCH!!

I keep saying , tonight im going to work out
tonight im going to work out
TONIGHT im GOING to work out!
seriously..  I am

Im also going to read my book that i have
been neglecting for weeks.
not totally but kind of.

I need to get to Eat Pray Love before
the movie comes out!

Im in a rather upbeat mood since the sun has returned
and is going to stay at least
until SUNday :)
woop woop!

Have a lovely one!

x's and o's


Christy said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you were able to get in a workout last night! And you DO need to get Eat, Pray, Love! It was seriously one of my favorite books!

Jasara said...

But ofcourse! Your blog rocks! Yes I did force a workout it :) im half way thru the Power of Now and hoping to be into Eat, Pray, Love by mid May! Cant wait!

shin said...

work it out, now!! =) u and ur lion..haha =P